NEW Management Team.
Many New and Exciting Opportunities to enhance your family's experience
     Our Free Scholarships are limited and based on extreme cases only.  Please understand; we do not wish to be harsh or offend anyone. We must have guidelines because there are always the few who want something for nothing.  A letter is required explaining why you need a free or partial scholarship and any verifiable information that will support your needs and or situation! Send to with Subject Line: Scholarship.  The board of directors will vote yes or no. It will be accepted or denied on a case by case basis. We are fully aware that someone who truly needs help are not just looking for a free ride. They and their child will be willing to contribute in other ways. Examples of Extreme: Death, Hospitalized, Etc. We will ask you or your child to contribute in other ways.. We are providing a way for anyone wishing to play for free will be able to contribute by other means. (see below). Many other leagues it is mandatory that every parent and child must volunteer. We have the lowest fees in our surrounding areas. We believe there is no real commitment if someone does not have skin in the game. Sorry, no more free rides. The league simply cannot meet its 2020 season budget of over $37,000.00 and sustain itself with lower fees and free rides.  Lyman Pop Warner opportates as any business does, but we make no profits and is owened by the community and operated by the community. We understand, empathize and are compassionate to those whom have lost their jobs and are having other challenges. This is why we are providing alternative ways to making money and getting free entry. The season is on track and we will notify you of any changes. Any fees paid are fully refundable if the season is cancelled.
Alternative Options to pay for fees
Business donations, raffle tickets, kick-pass-punt fundraisers etc in red, to offer immediate income of which you can recieve up front credit towards fees and or extra cash if fees are totally paid.  If you plan to use other avenues listed in blue to offset your fees for participation, you must pay up front for fees and you will be reimbursed after the position/s are fullfilled.

*Send us a new player who has never played for Lyman. Recieve 7-14 age $100.00 Reward 5-6 age $50.00 Reward CREDIT/CASH when regular fees are not discounted and are fully paid.*
They must pay in full in any way. If they do not type your name in registration submission form at time of their registration, there will NOT BE ANY CREDIT OR CASH given. NO EXEPTIONS! This is your responsibility to be sure they type your name on registration form and or write your name on their registration. If hand written registration, this must be pre-arranged with a text or email prior to registration or filled in on online form. This does not apply if current sibling has previously participated. This does not apply to additional siblings *This is based on full payment of participant of regular fees. It will be up to $50 Reward for 6U- $100 Reward for 7U-14U. If multiple sibling discounts rewards are discounted in the amount of sibling discount. 2nd child -$25, 3 and up $50. If any other discounts are applied the same amount will be discounted for reward.
Example: Currently early registration is discounts for 5-6 age $-25, 7-14 age $50. With this as example your reward would be 5-6 age $25 reward, 7-14 age $50 reward. Whatever the discount offered, the same amount will be deducted from the Rewards.  All participation fees of the referred must be paid 100% leaving no balance owed before any Rewards will be dispursed.

10% Commission for Corporate Donations above $500.- (IMMEDIATE CREDIT TOWARDS FEES) Click Here and go to bottom of Alumni page for Corporate Letter.

Raffle Tickets-You get paid $2.00 plus $2.00 credit for each ticket sold goes to fees.- Click here for details. (IMMEDIATE CREDIT TOWARDS FEES)

Kick-Pass-Punt fund raiser.- (IMMEDIATE CREDIT TOWARDS FEES)

Car Washes divided by participants (IMMEDIATE CREDIT TOWARDS FEES)

Consessions during home games - $15 per hour reimbursement

Barbecue - $15 per hour reimbursement

Game Day Setup - 2hrs  - $15 per hour reimbursement

Game Day Tear Down - 2hrs  - $15 per hour reimbursement

Merchandise - 20% credit of total merchandise sold reimbursement

50/50 - 20% credit for total of tickets sold for reimbursement

Any or all details are subject change without notice

We have the LOWEST fees in the county for Pop Warner Football & Cheer