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Pay via PayPal with Visa, MC, Debit.  Send $7.00 or total amount of multiple tickets x $7 to There is small transaction fee of .50 cents for the online processing.
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A Child in need is calling upon YOU

The reason you' ve been sent this is because, the person who sent this believes you will be gracious enough help them.

The purchase of $7.00 raffle ticket(s) will help offset the costs of a child's participation. We are instilling values encouraging a child should be a part of paying their own way and to learn what it is to work for what they want. This also gives you an opportunity to multiple $500 drawings. Proceeds directly from your bank to ours through: PayPal, with Visa, MC, Debit,
On behalf of the person who sent this to you,
Thank You in advance for your support!
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If someone can't pay online Download file below to print paper copies of raffle tickets
It is and xls file
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