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     Contract to Play Football & Cheer for Lyman Pop Warner

Welcome to Lyman Pop Warner Football and Cheer; where our goal is to teach life skills and the results pay dividends of skills needed to rise above life's challenges. Evidence says the score board reflects those efforts. Years of experience says parents and players embrace tough love, discipline and structure over disrespect and chaos.

We are not a recreational league. We are a competive environment.
We are not a babysitting service.


     (Parent & Player/Participant) I agree to make a 100% commitment to the team as a whole.  Within that commitment means I (participant/parent) will be at every practice/games etc. on time and fully dressed and prepared.  This means BEFORE I step on to ANY practice or game field I will be fully prepared. Parents/Participants will be certain to be picked up on time when practice/games end.  If I will be late or plan to miss any event, The participant will give a coach a phone call and will notify the staff of the reason for missing or being late.  Coaches understand things happen. An adult would not be late for work without notifying their place of employment without notified cause. We at Lyman Pop Warner expect the same respect. We know this life skill is a matter of respect and appreciation for the team and teammates plans. A call is mandatory or there will be an opportunity for improvement of 50 squat jumps after practice or before the next practice on your time.  A commitiment is I agree to never miss a practice or a game. We understand things happen. It is not the being late or missing practice you will get 50 squat jump improvements. It is not being respectful to call that will provide a participant of improvements. We are not a recreational league.

      We know the coaches plan a full practice with responsibilities involving every player.  If one player is not at practice/game it may cause a complete change in practice/games and may cause an undesirable outcome.  Coaches spend 20-40 hours per week preparing for the teams success and do not receive pay.  We understand the coaches take their positions very serious and always give 100% or more and expect the same in return.  If we are unable to give 100% or more of our efforts at all times we not only cheat ourselves but all those who are involved.  Anything less than a player’s best effort is unacceptable. The TEAMS success is a direct result of every parent and every player’s commitment.
      We understand that there will be absolutely zero tolerance for ANY disrespect to ANY coach or adult from any player or parent.  Failure to respect will result in consequences and possible expulsion from the team and/or league.  Coach’s decisions are final. We will provide all paperwork and payments in full before July 31, of the current year.  We understand failure to do so will result in no equipment.  This will mean failure to meet the time requirements for ANY playing time and will not play.  This is a National Pop Warner Rule.
We understand being a football player/cheerleader requires us to be a good student and is most important. 

Missing practice due to incomplete homework is unacceptable.  Any homework assignments not completed will be completed in full gear on the practice sidelines.


Practice Schedule     

      Practice will begin 8/29 @ 5:45-8:15. M-F. Starting this year, we are excited that the entire organization will do warm-up together at the same time. This will create support and brotherhood between all levels. Saturday's and Sunday's will be used for make-ups and needed for 10 hrs conditioning and 10 hrs in equipment as mandated by National Pop Warner.
2 Scrimmages have been sheduled within the 3rd week of practice. If you do not have 10hrs conditioning and 10hrs in equipment you will not be eligible for scrimmage. Games are every Saturday unless make-ups needed. The Season start date will be posted soon.We will email for equpment sizing date's and times. Game Schedule will be posted soon.
When you click submit, your information will have been submitted for us to create an invoice. You will be directed to forms page for addtional information needed for the 2020 season.  You  will be sent an invoice of which you will be able to make payment directly from that invoice.