This is the ONLY non-profit football and cheer program in Longwood Fl. This league makes no money and keeps no money. All money is spent on expenses. No Coaches gets paid. We are ALL VOLUNTEERS.
This organization is owned by the community and ran by the community!
Every other league is out to profit off your children.

Our Longwood Community budget is

for the 2020 Season.
This is open for your eyes to see.
Avg participation about 105
31,989.02/105= $304 per participant should be charged. We are at a
$9,000 shortfall at charging $250 per child not counting early discounts, promotions and lesser amounts charged for lower level. $250 must be charged and must be paid to pay the expenses or it is impossible for this league to sustain itself.

Currently we are relying on $9000 outside donations just to cover the remaining expenses. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in donations to make improvements and acquire better equipment.
Currently we have reached pledges amounting to $6000. Be a part of an amazing experience. Call us with your contributions.


$6500 Donated
How has Lyman Pop Warner added to your life's journey. What is your most memorable moment. Thank you for taking the time to give back. $5 won't break anyone and we certainly don't believe it is a small measure. Of course we gladly accept an amount your heart knows its worth. We are the only Longwood Fl Football and Cheer non-profit organization. This organization is owned by the community and ran by the community. It's board of directors follow the bylaws within our site's stated Bylaws. Volunteers and coaches do not get paid. Lyman Pop Warner is currently seeking donations for expenses, equipment and to help keep the participation fees as low as possible. We have made available our detailed budget. No donation amount is too small. Lyman Pop Warner has been serving the community for over 30 years. Whatever you may give, know it is going to a proven cause to provide an environment of shaping children's lives.  Thank you in advance for your contribution on behalf of the Lyman Pop Warner and Longwood Community. If you have a business, we want to promote it to return the favor.
      Anyone wishing to apply for corporate donations or a grant on our behalf, below is a letter you may use. Please contact us at above via text or email us

        We are writing this letter in the name of Lyman Pop Warner Football & Cheer LLC.  For over 30 years Lyman Pop Warner has been an integral part of our community. Thousands of kids have benefited from the discipline, hard work and brotherhood that Pop Warner teaches. Countless kids have gone on to play college ball and cheerleaders that would not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. 6 years ago, there was interest from new board members to manage the program and all of us old timers stepped aside hoping new blood would be a good thing. A series of bad decisions left a once thriving program in debt and unable to continue. A group of us old board members and coaches, some of whom were with the program since its inception have come together with the support of the community to bring Lyman Pop Warner back to the thriving sports program it once was. We have negotiated debt and put in our own money to breath new life into the program. The coaches, players and families are excited to bring back a well-run, old-school program that was once a center piece of the community. With the Covid-19 outbreak and sports in limbo the program already has its challenges but adding financial hardship from previous lack of experience and mismanagement and refusal to listen to wisdom,makes it all the more difficult. We’re asking for your help as a community partner. Money is short and much of our equipment is outdated and in disrepair. Any help in time or money would be appreciated please help us help our kids in the community with your support.

Depending on amounts donated, we can provide below:

Your Company link on our Sponsor Page.
Announcement at every home game.
Banner displayed at our practice facility
Banner displayed at games.
We will hand out your business cards and or website.
Your information will be on our materials or linked to our marketing.
We will ask our participants to support our sponsors and their businesses.
We can promote your products at our games.
You may have a tent at our games.
Wear your logo on our practice gear.* (You will be responsible for costs of applying logo)
Promoting your business through our mass emails
Promoting your business on our forms
Promoting on our Facebook Page and other social media
Promoting within our daily posts on Facebook and other social media

We are currently in the process of solidifying what benifits will be provided to ranges of amounts of sponsorship.