Beginning in 2019, Pop Warner now offers TWO options for tackle football programs:

Option 1: Traditional age/weight schematic provides a uniform series of three basic years of age qualification for each level of play, with a fourth year of eligibility falling under more stringent weight restrictions (the “older/lighter” player).

Option 2: the age based schematic provides a 2 year age span starting with 5/6 yr. olds. and no minimum or maximum weights.

** 2 point stance for offense and defensive linemen must be used in the following levels of play: TM, MM, JP, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.

** No kickoffs permitted in the following levels: TM, MM, JP, PW, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.

On or Before July 31, 2020

  Ages                 Level Name

  5/6 yr olds     Tiny Mite

  7/8 yr. olds    Mitey Mite

  9/10 yr. olds  Jr. Peewee

  11/12 yr. olds Pee Wee

  13/14 yr. olds Jr Varsity
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We are allowed to have 20% of our rosters outside our Zone. You may Contact Us for details to see if you qualify.
Practice Schedule     

      Tentative Start Date Aug 29, 2020. Practice will begin @ 5:45-8:15. M-F. Starting this year, we are excited that the entire organization will do warm-ups together at the same time. This will create support and brotherhood between all levels. Saturday's and Sunday's will be used for make-ups and needed for 10 hrs conditioning and 10 hrs in equipment as mandated by National Pop Warner.
2 Scrimmages have been sheduled within the 3rd week of practice. If you do not have 10hrs conditioning and 10hrs in equipment you will not be eligible for scrimmage. Games are every Saturday unless make-ups needed. The Season start date will be posted soon.We will email for equpment sizing date's and times. Game Schedule will be posted soon.