Fees to Participate
Ages 5-14

7-14 - $250

5&6 y.o - $175

As low as $8 per week 5-6 yr olds*
$12 per week 7-14 yr olds* Click Here For Details
*Subject to $50 deposit. If start date is on of before June 6, 2020.  Every week that passes will be 1 less week payment: Example: June 13, 2020 will be 21 payments divide by amt. Etc. Contact us and setup recurring payments for 22 weeks if register before June 6, 2020.This is for returning players. New players add $2.per week. Any payment not paid or delayed will cause your child to not play for that week or until paid* Full Payment Cash Discounts Available. Go to Pay Only Page on left.

$35 Application fee for all new participants who never particaped with
Lyman Pop Warner.

Every year we hear comments about fees. Look at surrounding areas.

Surrounding areas charge from $250 to $400 - Google It
Recieve up to*
$100 Cash
New Particpant sent to us
who pays or sells 100 raffle tictets to participate
Make $$$
Sell $7 raffle tickets. You keep $2.00 for every ticket sold. Sell 100 tickets & your fees are paid.Then you keep the $200 or $2 x tickets sold.
$7 Raffle Ticket for a chance to win multiple drawings of

$500 Prizes

Football & Cheer Season
1st Priority
2nd Priority
SCHOLARSHIPS are Limited to those who have an extreme need for assistance.
Click below for details.
NEW Management Team.
Many New and Exciting Opportunities to enhance your family's experience
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Multiple sibling discounts:
**1st - full price - 2nd $25 off - 3rd $50 off ** See Reg Pg.

The ONLY AUTHENTIC Lyman Pop Warner in Longwood Fl
Game Field Location
Lyman High School
865 S Ronald Reagan Blvd
Longwood Fl 32750
This is the ONLY non-profit football and cheer program in Longwood Fl. This league makes no money and keeps no money. All money is spent on expenses. No Coaches gets paid. We are ALL VOLUNTEERS.
This organization is owned by the community and ran by the community!
Every other league is out to profit off your children.

Our Longwood Community budget is

for the 2020 Season.
This is open for your eyes to see.
Avg participation about 105
31,989.02/105= $304 per participant should be charged. We are at a
$9,000 shortfall at charging $250 per child not counting early discounts, promotions and lesser amounts charged for lower level. $250 must be charged and must be paid to pay the expenses or it is impossible for this league to sustain itself.

Currently we are relying on $9000 outside donations just to cover the remaining expenses. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in donations to make improvements and acquire better equipment.
Currently we have reached pledges amounting to $6000. Be a part of an amazing experience. Call us with your contributions.

We are allowed to have 20% of our rosters outside our Zone. You may Contact Us for details to see if you qualify.
We have the LOWEST fees in the county for Pop Warner Football & Cheer
Practice Schedule     

      Tentative Start Date Aug 29, 2020. Practice will begin @ 5:45-8:15. M-F. Starting this year, we are excited that the entire organization will do warm-ups together at the same time. This will create support and brotherhood between all levels. Saturday's and Sunday's will be used for make-ups and needed for 10 hrs conditioning and 10 hrs in equipment as mandated by National Pop Warner.
2 Scrimmages have been sheduled within the 3rd week of practice. If you do not have 10hrs conditioning and 10hrs in equipment you will not be eligible for scrimmage. Games are every Saturday unless make-ups needed. The Season start date will be posted soon.We will email for equpment sizing date's and times. Game Schedule will be posted soon.



2020 Season has been cancelled due to Covid.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021.
We have sent out emails in regard to refunds. If you did not recieve,
Please contact us.
Thank you